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"We were so thrilled with Steven's Press Release. He works fast and managed to get the message of our technological developments in airports printed in over 100 news outlets. Well done Steven, and I look forward to working with you again"

Jannet Samerkhanova, Marketing Coordinator at EDISON Software Development.

Press Release Copywriter

Spread The Word About Your Big News With a Press Release.

Steven Westwood | Freelance Copywriter | Press Release Writer

Have something you want to show off to the world about your business?

Then you have come to the right place. A press release can get news about your business out into the world fast! 

Cleverly written and beautifully crafted press releases need to draw in the reader (this also includes the editors of relevant publications). All press releases follow a simple format:

  • Headline - eyecatching to encourage people to read the rest.

  • The "Deck" (also known as the subheader - kind of similar to a teaser, gives enough information to interpret the story but leaves you wanting more.

  • The date and location stamp - to show when and where your press release is coming from. The stamp is then attached to the first paragraph.

  • Body paragraphs - Press releases should ideally be one A4 size page so, should only be three-four paragraphs in length.

  • Quotes - The most crucial element of a press release is the quote, either from the CEO, Director, customer or low-level employee. Basically, anyone who is impacted by the topic can quote.

  • The Boilerplate - The very last paragraph is your time to shine; it can be about your company, your awards, anything you want to highlight.


I love writing Press Releases because I get to be one of the first to know something. Not only that, I get to gossip with the whole world about your new products, services or something you want to highlight. It keeps my busy-body nature happy, and my neighbours thank you!

How Much Does a Press Release Cost?

Remember, you will get:

  • Attention-grabbing headline.

  • Persuasive language.

  • correct spelling and grammar.

  • Fully Researched.

  • The natural integration of keywords

As your press release copywriter, I will write attention-grabbing articles that are too irresistible to ignore. I have had press releases distributed and published in hundreds of outlets around the world. So if you're looking for a reliable press release copywriter, you have found him!

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