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Want To Write A Blog But Not Sure What To Write About?

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

We've all been there; you want to do something creative, feel the need to share your wisdom and connect with people in a new way. The problem is, you aren't sure where to start or even what to write about. You have had this idea for ages; surely it should be easier than this?

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You start to Google things like "How To Start A Blog?" or "What Can I Write About for My Blog?", and before you know it, you're drowning in a sea of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and listicles of popular topics. But nothing to really guide you through the steps to actually start your blog.

Popular Blogs Right Now

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There are loads of different blog types, each with its own unique purpose. Some blogs are there to entertain the reader, others to inform and educate. There are even blogs for businesses, such as the one you're reading now, or for pleasure, being used as a kind of public journal - like my travel blog. Below is a list of popular blog types and how they work.

Food and Cooking Blogs

Food and Cooking Blogs are popular. What Type Of Blog Should I Write | SPW-Copywriting
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Food and cooking are popular because many people get stuck in the same routine; they cook things that are familiar to them. Searching online for new recipes or inspiration can increase the adventurous nature of most. Technically, a recipe blog could fall under the "How To" blog type, but you could consider yourself a foodie and talk about your favourite cuisines, restaurants, street foods, events. Your food blog could become a critique blog, or you could try and replicate popular food and share your journey with your followers.

How To Blogs

Have a skill or hobby that you love and want to share? Chances are, there are others out there, like me who want to learn. Your blog could be a step-by-step guide to growing your own tomatoes, how to upcycle furniture, draw, maybe you're a plumber and want to share how to install a bathroom sink properly? How to blogs are popular because they are practical and everyone loves to learn.

Travel Blog

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Are you an avid traveller? Maybe you are an adventurer, or you stay in the most luxurious locations? Share your experiences with keen readers, and they will enjoy learning about your travels. It may even inspire them to take a similar trip - so don't forget to leave plenty of hints and tips to improve their visit!

Review Blogs

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There are many types of Review blogs out there, from reviewing services and product comparisons, to book reviews, movie reviews and more. If you have a passion for sharing your opinion on something, no matter how obscure you may think it is, then do it! Your passion and enthusiasm will come through for you!

Relationships and Advice

People are always seeking answers, whether it be about their love life, friendships, family. If you are the type of person that people seek out for advice, maybe you should consider writing about your experiences and sharing that information with a wider audience. It may surprise you how many people are going through similar issues and need to find the answer.


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This category covers a huge amount of different subcategories. Lifestyle could refer to healthy living; exercising, eating, drinking, activities. Likewise, it could refer to renovating homes, starting a business, or even helping to improve your community. There is no end of people striving for a better life. Being a lifestyle blogger has a lot of responsibility, but if you believe your lifestyle and knowledge should be shared, then you should do it. You are an inspiration!

Decided What to Write?

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Hopefully, you have found that piece of advice you were looking for; now you have a million other questions about where to start. How do I start? What is SEO anyway? What platform do I write on? How do I share my blog? So many questions. I would say that step one is simple: just start writing.

Like many others, I have had time to think. I have had time to research. I didn't start by publishing a fantastic blog. In fact, this is the second iteration. I developed my writing style first and went from there. Anyway, I hope you have found this useful, let me know in the comments what type of blog you have decided to write, and let me know if you have any questions.

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