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Hello, and welcome to my blog! Here you can find useful information about blogging, SEO, writing, and just about anything to do with my services.

As a writer, I often get asked for help with writing. So I thought I would start this blog as a handy way for me to help people and businesses get a better understanding of what I do. Even more, I have filled my blog with advice and tips so you can do it too!

I will share little-known insider secrets and explain how to do things in an easy-to-understand way. After all, this is the age of information.

Why Are You Giving This Advice For Free?

I believe that information should be free; I use my experience and expertise to help businesses grow. But I am not worried that providing insight into how I do things will hurt my business. In fact, I know that a lot of what I will be telling you in my blog is already available on the internet. I will just be providing you with one source to find it all neatly together. 

I spent hundreds (if not thousands) of hours collecting and researching this information. I know how precious your time is, so you can find it all here, in one handy place. I update my blog weekly, so be sure you don't miss anything by subscribing (it's free)!

You can also have input on what goes on in my blog if there is something unclear or you want me to go into more detail about the topic, then please comment and ask questions. 

Who Are You?

I am just your friendly, neighbourhood Copywriter. I have been writing since 2011 and have written for businesses, charities, NGOs and public sector organisations. I fell in love with writing when I was in college (further education in the UK) and have developed my career around using words to communicate. Please find out more about me and what I do here.


So what can blogging do for me?

Did you know that there is money to be made from blogging? What's more, blogging about your passions can lead to helping others learn more about that topic. If you already have a business, blogging is a great way to create valuable content that your customer base can read, learn, and develop trust in your brand. Check out my Article and Blog Writing Services for more information.

Have you ever had to google something and been inundated with information overload, or gone down a rabbit hole and come out the other side and still none the wiser?

I aim too clearly outline copywriting best practices so that you can follow along easily. I know all too well how difficult it is to navigate the internet and come out the other side with a sense of empowerment and knowledge. 

If you are interested in travel, please subscribe to my travel blog, there you will find hints, tips, advice, and my travel journal for you to peruse. 

So without further ado, happy reading and happy learning. I look forward to your comments and getting to know you!