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"Steven is such a wonderful writer, he understood the brief and our requirements straight away. He also worked with us to develop the 'angle' we wanted for the advertorial. Definitely working with Steven Again."

David S, Marketing Director at Green Solar UK


Advertorial Writing

Advertorials are both entertaining and encourage the reader to take action.

Steven Westwood | Freelance Copywriter | Advertorial Writer

Want something that really grabs your readers attention and gets them to take action? 

Being an Advertorial Copywriter gives me the chance to play make-believe. I can be anything I need to be, to provide you with an effective advertorial. I have been a fireman, a scientist, a hairdresser, an astronaut. There is nowhere that my imagination won't take me when it comes to writing advertorials.

So, What Is An Advertorial?

An advertorial is a brilliant ​piece of copy that reads like a magazine or newspaper editorial. An editorial is usually featured in a magazine, newspaper or online publication and is written on a topic the writer is an expert in. 

The most considerable difference between an advertorial and an editorial is:

an editor scrutinises an editorial,

an advertorial, on the other hand, is written by a company and published immediately.


How Do You Publish An Advertorial?


There's a lot of information on the internet about how to write an advertorial. Similarly, there's a wealth of information about what should go in an advertorial. And, why an advertorial adds value to your brand.


In fact, a lot of work goes into creating your advertorial, so it makes sense that as many people as possible read it. There are several ways your company can publish your shiny and new advertorial:


  1. On your website, as part of its own page, or as part of your newsletter.

  2. Approach a PR agency and get them to send the advertorial out to different publications - just like a press release.

  3. Make connections with publishers and editors and either get them to publish your advertorial for free or enter a contract with them yourself for future projects.


Why Should You Hire Me To Write Your Advertorial?


As well as being an excellent writer (even if I do say so myself), I am a master of research and making sure that I fully understand how things work before I even dream of putting pen to paper. I am adaptable, and you will love my open communication.


As I mentioned above, I love to role-play. This will give your advertorial the edge you need for it to be successful. Advertorial writing is all about adding value to your company, and increasing reach (which improves the number of people that trust your brand).


Would you read an article that is obviously:


A) an advert for a product or and only talks about it?


Or, would you instead read an article that:


B) tells a story the reader can engage in, demonstrating why this product was needed, how it works, and why it has made life so much better?


If you answered B, then hit the contact button and let's have a chat about getting you the advertorial your business deserves.

Your Investment for An Advertorial

Having your advertorial written by me will see your brand recognition significantly increase. You will get:

  • Research into your target market.

  • Research into your product or service.

  • Up to 2000 words per Advertorial.

My advertorials are written in clever ways that entice, engage and call the reader to take action.

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“What separates good from great content is the willingness to take risks and push the envelope.”

Brian Halligan, CEO and Founder of HubSpot

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Advertorial Copywriting


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